What is the Max. Download Limit?

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What is the maximum Allowable GB that can be Downloaded Per Month by using the Night Time Free Hours for Home 500 Plan. (How much GB's, U guys download per month using this Plan).

Also, for Home 900 Unlimited Plan, is there a limit?

Thanks for Ur Reply. But say, I download 2GB/day using Home 500 (During 2-8), Then it would be around 50-60GB per month. Is it allowed by BSNL.Thanks.
They are "stingy" in giving 2.5 Gb in day, but will they be "generous" in giving 60 Gb in Night.[unquote]
From private message.

That is why asked you to download the usage checker. Daily you check your acct. and if your 2GB daily (if charged about Rs 2000 plus taxes at 12 %).
download is charged, you go CHARGING to the Telephone Exchange to MAKE A COMPLAINT. DON'T WAIT FOR THE BILL TO COME.
THIS WILL ALSO ENSURE /enable you to check if SOME OF YOUR "FRIENDS" USE YOUR ID TO DOWNLOAD. even during daytime.
( I don't know how to do it )
Do not give your ID and Password ,to anybody.
Even if a service engineer comes to check your connection etc, you type them yourself.
The D/l is around 150KB/sec average.
means 9 MB per minute
9x60 540 MB say 500 MB
0200-0800 6 hours available

500 x 6 = 3000 MB = appr 3 GB

You can sleep in the day tine and keep awake from 0200 to 0800
Start little late say 0210 and close around 0750
to down load this data. Don't ask for auto downloading program etc

Better read the threads , and the tariff is very clear " UNLIMITED"

i am getting around 4-6 gb per day torrent+limewire+ares120-150per month Previous iam in 256 u limited paln i used to get 2-2.7 gb per day (60-80 per month)