What To Expect From Sify Broadband Services

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Hello Siddesh,
sorry for late reply and based on what you said I am still looking for further detailed information on it and so far found few things which reveled all ready about the Kbps and kbps(lower case) differences.

Here is the information which I found based on what you said about networking etc. : http://compnetworking.about.com/od/basicne.../bldef_kbps.htm

I still have to find out exact information on TRAI regulations on broadband and other net operators in India as I found this phenomena only in our country,
where as the speed given to corporate company's I found different then the consumer clients, like its always said "It Happens Only In India", I am currently doing MCSE and learning Linux as well along with advanced networking on my own and later hoping to do Linux certification course as well and so far this is becoming quiet an interesting learning. Many thank you for your reply and others as well.


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I'm sorry but I'm not sure you quite understood the context in which I wrote that. I meant to clarify that since the early days data rates have always been denoted in kilo-bits per second (kbps) as opposed to Kilo-Bytes per second (KBPS). So when you pay for 256kbps and get 32 KBPS you're not cheated at all. You're simply getting what you pay for.[/b]
The 'B' capitalization matters not 'K'. So kbps (or Kbps) means kilobits while KBps (or kBps) means kilobytes.Corporate internet connections come under a completely different category. Those are leased lines as compared to metered internet service that we get. Leased lines cost much much more since their offering is unlimited in every sense -- speed, bandwidth and duration. You really cannot expect that at a fraction of the cost.I guess there's a contention on whether 64 kbps can be called broadband but that's not what I'm addressing here anyways.Siddhesh
i m going 2 buy sify broadband? can any1 tell me is it worth 2 buy it?????i stay in dombivli.....n i m going 4 it so that i can use dc++....curently i m using fabnet.....i m sure sify will b better than fab......
i have a online friend from delhi who uses sify...every now and then his net keeps on disconnecting...
Sify is not working through CTO for security reasons but rather for commercial convenience of collections and new/renewed subscriptions, and to ward off public criticism of their BB services. How come Sify proposes to provide wireless BB connectivity in the near future but that too through a CTO! What is the need of a CTO for that? When a CTO is not able to provide continuity of service, Sify must either replace the CTO or close its service in the area even temporarily until it finds a replacement. This would be very effective pressure on the local CTO. But Sify will not do that purely for commercial considerations caring two hoots for customer satisfaction. I subscribed to Sify BB service pack of 128kbps 400 MB on March 4, 2008 as a backup to BSNL BB here in Lucknow as there is no other alternative other than Sify. Not one day has passed since then that Sify BB has not been down at least once and at times for days effecting my work of home based transcriber. This CTO, Drishti BB Services at Eldeco Highway Plaza, Raibareilly Road, Lucknow, U.P. - 226025 is no techical guy but just a commercial trader. How Sify chose him as CTO is beyond my understanding. He and his guys follow office timings for complaints and care two hoots for service problems on holidays as they are back home outside Lucknow. Drishti charges Rs 100/month for maintenance over and above the BB charge of Rs. 230/month for the above package. For first time connection there is a charge of Rs. 1500, which goes into their pocket. Most often when there is connectivity, on a ping test one gets TTL=32 and not 128. In case of BSNL one gets TTL=255 for a 256kbps startup pack of 1GB usage @Rs. 280/month (including service tax of 12.36%). Going by Siddesh's calculation, then what BSNL BB provides (2mbps) is more than what the package is supposed to provide. Believe me please that Sify BB is just shit.:hysterical:

I am also going through same pain. Written so many mails nothing happened. if you really wish to raise your voice send the emails to their top bosses. Although this is a fact that SIFY is BIG PAIN in A..
At the webpage of Sify Corp- Sify - Making the internet work for you :: Corporate Website they claim ( Sify - Making the internet work for you :: Corporate Website)

If you think any of us at Sify can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Raju Vegesna CEO & Managing Director

C. V. S. SURI Chief Operating Officer

Bhaskar Sayyaparaju Chief Technology Officer

P. J. Nath Executive President - Enterprise Solutions

M. P. Vijay Kumar Chief Financial Officer

V. Sivaramakrishnan President, Consumer Marketing

David Appasamy Chief Communications Officer

Naresh Ajwani President, Consumer Infrastructure & Operations

Arvind Mathur Chief Architect-Global Services

K. N. Ajith Head - Human Resources

Venkata Rao Mallineni Advisor, Business Strategy

I have written to them, you too write to them so that they should know what public think of their services.
Siddhesh, If SIFY is running their business they are charging customers and not doing charity. They must have done their business study before launching the services. Once you have charged to customers you cannot go back from your commitments whatever may be the situation. IF you have unlimted subscription and pay Rs.1000/- and get proper connection just for an hour or so during the day, you can imagine the frudstration of a subscriber. Its GOOD that you have human face for CTOs but dude they are not doing charity to us. If you are so concerned about them, Please ask them to compensate the loss occurred due to their failure as service provider.
Two years with Sify connection and the only thing I have come to expect from the company is -" If your internet connection works, start the countdown, it would not be long before it goes down again"