What's On Google's To-do Project List?

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That's cool man.Keep at it - and who knows, the big news syndicates might take you in. 😀
about the browser.. google has just registered the domain www.gbrowser.com 😉 so maybe, they are launching their new browser.. what about that..

p.s. Sush congrats on reaching your 300th post.. 😛
OMG 300 already! 😀 605 forum posts also. great. 🙂

about the gbrowser:

it seems that anything they touch turns into a huge success. However, browsers are a different breed and unless they go with an existing web rendering engine (our prediction is Gecko), it would be tough thing to do…

More Google Browser Speculation

I doubt it somehow... Their are rumors that they might buy Opera which I think will be highly improbable 🙂
i hope they buy opera.. i like google.. they are one of the best companies out there and it is one of the few companies that actually cares about it's users..and hey i got one more little box thing under my name 😛 seems i am a "BOND" now.. cool, where's my aston martin..
heh, that was something i put in just for fun sake. u can edit it to make anything you like from my controls. 🙂 i am an operamaniac maybe you can be firefoxer 😉

Originally posted by Bhinder@Sep 26 2004, 07:55 PM
i hope they buy opera..
[/quote]OMG.... I hope never. That could be detrimental in some ways.
Moreover, you'll have to offer a dumbed-down version of gbrowser for the n00bs - opera is far too advanced. 🙂

They can build on the gecko (the engine behind mozilla) base nicely. And the open-source community will love them for that.
i started using opera some time back but never got around to being comfortabe with it's interface.. love it or hate it, ie has the best and uncomplicated interface out there.. and ditto for firefox.. firefox is like a dream come true.. none of ie's bugs.. as fast (or faster ? 🤔 ) as opera and free to top it all .. firefox rules!
try the latest p3. it has got an excellent interface. and don't tell me you found yourself at home with linux the moment u saw it.and if you try out M2 and understand what it is, you will love it. same with IRC client.
the best thing bout opera's interface is that u can have it the way u want it.