What's the best way to wire up my router to multiple devices with a 50-100 feet gap?


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Jiofiber 150 Mbps
Ex: Airtel vFiber 24 Mbps
So my current setup is a Jio Fiber Router and an AC750 extender. Major devices are connected to the extender since it is near the back of the house.

Now what I want to do is to connect the 2 via cables (ethernet?). But since wiring won't be permitted from inside the house (parents 😕), I need to take the wire outside and over the roof and back inside from the window near the extender. So I had a few questions:

Diagram of what I am planning:


  • Point A: Here I am expecting the wire to be b/w 50-100 feet. What sort of wire (brand, quality, thickness, etc) should I get that can withstand the rain, heat, elements and be future-proof so I can do it once and live with it for >10 years?
  • I want to connect some devices near the extender via the cable so need to add some sort of splitter
  • Point B: Where should I add the splitter? Point B will be outside the house (may get shade from sun and rain but dust storms can still wreck it). Or I can add it at Point C (inside the room) and take another wire back out and in (~15 feet) to the extender.
    • If I add the splitter at C then I can connect a few devices like laptops and PS5 via cables (preferred) and not use them via the wifi.
  • Also, does the AC750 act as an access point (i.e. same network name as the original router) when I connect via the cable?
I am planning to do this in a few weeks so not in a hurry. Also, is there any guy/firm in Gurgaon who will do this for me at a reasonable cost?

Thanks for the suggestions in advance 🙂
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You will need a Ethernet cable probably outdoor rated and a shielding of PVC. That splitter you are planning is called a Unmanaged Network Switch and this will help you will extend your network ports directly at the point you wish to. You should add splitter directly to point C I guess and then take it from there to Extender .
Be sure to buy a Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

Yes you will have the same Wifi name to extend it . Wiring is better for PS 5 and TV for better output

You can do this in your home by yourself as its easy to do it. You can go to any Hardware store and you will get the plastic shielding. The shielding should be thick to withstand the sunlight and rain. I would suggest a proper PVC pipe only
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OK so you mean that I should put the cable inside a pvc pipe? Assuming I cannot do that, is there an outdoor type rated wire I can apply to my set up?
ethernet cables (especially outdoor ones as its more heavy) are very expensive on the internet, i would suggest buying at a physical store.

Go for a CAT5E (or above) outdoor rated cable. It looks something like this:

The blue foil is for shielding against interference (which can cause packet loss/jitter in some cases). The black coating outside protects the cable.

LCO ISPs use similar cables for providing last mile service over ethernet. Problem is their cables have very thin outer shielding and no RF Shielding usually; causing unreliable service in some cases. But provided you get a good quality cable, this wouldn't be a problem.

or this

will do.

You could also look at installing external conduits (pvc pipes) and then pull regular CAT6 cables through it. I have it run that way for couple of CCTV cameras and it goes under the sunshade so the conduits are not very directly exposed to the elements.

Might be cheaper to get an electrician to do it for you or maybe a CCTV installer. I think I paid 65 rs per meter (incl material and labour) for about 60m outdoor cabling.
Our cable for the CCTV is a little thick one but not in a pipe. Has rained after that it still works though.