What's the use of Jio White small box?

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Please send a picture.
I do not have a jiofiber connection.But i may be able to help if you post a picture.
my guess is that it is just a box where the fiber cable joint is present.
Is a yellow cable(Patch Cord) originating from it going to the JIO Gateway?
No,it is just a box which contain a patch of Fiber cable coming from outside and the Patch cord.
It is just used to protect this joint of two fiber strands to avoid any external force to damage it.It is very fragile joint,thus we need an enclosure to protect it.
Ok but they installed my connection without that white box just attaching a green connector to the outside coming cable and putting it in ont
I would be happy to explain but it will be based on lots of assumptions which will be justified by my experience.so, I would be very glad if you could provide us with a picture of that Green connector.
Also,as long as it protects that joint,and no water damage happens.
Do not worry,but be cautious to handle it with care.

They didn't used any patch cable they attached a green connector to the fiber cable and directly inserted in ont without using the patch cable
Then,no worries,it is pretty fine.
Also,as far as i know,it is their duty to keep things in order.So,you should not worry about it.It is pretty solid as the green connector holds the strand tight enough.
Enjoy fast internet.
Its better if that white box is not present. One less thing to care about.