When we can get our hands on Xstream fiber

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Airtel Xstream fiber
Its been over 7 months in Bhubaneswar and only at one place it's services are available and i.e near kanan vihar, other places don't have availability till now. While service representative say it will take 2022 to get the availablity at Xavier Square, Chandrasekharpur.
Sometimes you have to convince the area manager that you have customers who might take connection if it's kilometres with no link. Individual customer approaching might not convince them. Ask your neighborhood and get them to agree. It would be great if you have something in writing from all people. Talk to manager,they might get convinced

Fulfilling a single connection will not be profitable for them. They won't show interest
I am following for 2 years with Airtel for broadband connection (at Pune), but it was not available at my area.
Just recently someone in my society said Airtel is going to provide service, but waiting for NOC from society.
It may be OT but Jio is doing the exact opposite when it comes to NOC viz a viz Airtel. It wants NOC from society to setup infrastructure (without any requirement from customer). Told him to follow proper procedure.
Jio wants to bypass rules and regulations just to be ahead in the game.
I was in the same boat although the city was Noida. There are multiple challenges for telcos to bring fiber to you.
1. Permission and bribe to your local RWA.
2. Permission and bribe to local municipality.
In my case heard rumor that LCO owner is friend of Society Chairman, so NOC is delayed 😀
Even Tata Sky Broadband failed to get NOC it seems.

Shouldn't it be the opposite? I mean society has rules, right? Even if there is one or 10 requirement/s, the chairman or any admin staff should give the necessary permission to setup their connection.
Chairman & secretary are friend of money & fame only. Their only purpose to give time for these position.
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