Where is the shoutBox?

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thought bout it. most forums led them to be mistaken for search box. plus it would have little else but abusing 😛 use the irc chat room instead 😉in other words... i would look for the hack. if it does not take long to implement... i would do it... 🙂
No need to look anywhere... here it is
It takes hardly 10 mins to get it running.
Just register first.

Hamaari Maange Puri Karo!!!😀Its so much fun!! Ok register for a free one on any website. Just put the HTML on the pages. It'll save ur bandwidth 2!

hey can a shoutbox be installed on forum? u must be knowing what shoutbox is and it's purpose!please tell! 🙂
shoutbox. hmm. i will check with prathap whether its available for the legit free version of IPB. from what I know, it was added after IPB stopped offering the limitless featurelimited version of the board software.
sushubh... once even I had asked u 2 do the same... the post must b lying sumwhere! 😉well u can always install the D2-Shoutbox... lovely mod for IPB.Check it on invisionize.com