Which Do You Think You Would Prefer For Reading?

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I am doing a survey and for that matter want to know your opinion. 1) Imagine that you use the PC only for reading news and ebooks. For that purpose, would you prefer a laptop or a tablet pc if you had given a choice between the two?
Tablet ofcourse!
Shushubh, I cant make out what you mean by vertical. Do you mean desktops and laptops or do you mean tablets?GSV13, Have you used a tablet and felt the experience?
one of my friend placed his widescreen lcd monitor in a vertical position and used some software to switch the interface to vertical. that is awesome for programming and reading.
Shushubh, I think you are confusing with vertical and horizontal. Normally, a laptop is vertical and a tablet PC is horizontal. Do you agree with that? Or am I wrong?A desktop is vertical. Right?

desktop monitors are horizontal...

LCDs are horizontal...

Tablets are vertical...

what i was talking was is here: