Which router to choose for putting my uniway router+modem into bridge mode??

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Depends on the budget and features you want. Archer C6 is pretty commonly used. If you want to get into VLANs and stuff, Mikrotik routers are a better option. Both are quite affordable. OpenWRT is also available on Archer C6 if you want to go a little advanced like QOS and Multiple WAN. But Archer C6 is not a much powerful device.
Xiaomi has recently released a router. You can buy that and flash OpenWRT if you want an advanced user/traffic management
@shashankb if i put my Modem+router in bridge mode with other router will the modem+router . Will i be able to broadcast wifi from both of them.

The Modem+Router as in ONT ? If that's what you refer to, then No you cannot broadcast Wifi from both of them. Only the other router in Bridge mode will have Internet. So Wifi will work from that.