Which Utility for backup??

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HI all, I as i do lot of testing/trying out of new softwares, i've to format my disk every month or so, because of slowing down or virus attack etc. I've used WinXP manager so as to take care of junk files and regsitry but this doesn't clean up everythin after all. Also, i've tried Bitdefender/Kaspersky as anti-virus, which definately slows down the computer (variation may be there - can anybody suggest best antivirus which cleans/catch everythin with minimal effect on comp performance.) Anyways, my main query is different. I've got multiple partitioned Hard Disk (so as to save all my data) and Win Xp is installed on C: main (10 GB - of which 5 - 6 GB is used after i install Win Xp and all the minimum programs that i need)(dedicated to Windows only).. Is there any utility by which i can restore my computer to fresh system after the windows gets infected or affected after i format the C: (obviously after saving/backin up a fresh installation on a CD or DVD or on other partitioned disk?? I used Norton Ghost for recovery, but is very tedious to start with.. Can anyone suggest a better software??
After much of beta testing, i finally conclude that THE BEST is ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE - FASTER, MOST RELIABLE.....
I use syncback se. It's not free but there is a free version syncback. It is more or similar to se and very recommended. Search for reviews yourself.

The free version of syncback will not work with system partitions, for anything other than that its great.

Otherwise, i used ghost for several yrs, acronis is similar, but gives me nothing over ghost.

ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE is the best without doubt- easy, fast and will not mess up!!!
If you have a seagate harddrive you can download "seagate diskwizard" from seagate's website its an OEM version of Acronis true image.