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😉 I don think REliance Broadband Will ever see light of the day more than 2 year have passed since they were speaking of it. :angry: Bcos it was dream of mukesk and not aniland I believe only reliance has the capacity to bring revolution in broadband,
For your kind inormation Reliance Broadband has already started. But it will take time to spread. No ISP can start all over india.

I emailed reliance and asked them about the availability and got this reply

Thank you for contacting Reliance Broadband Customer Care.

We understand that you are interested in Reliance Broadband services. We are glad to inform you that we are providing Broadband service in the area specified by you, therefore, we request you to provide us with your contact number so that our sales team can get in touch with you.

Looking forward to serve you.[/b]
Reliance is there but only in few buildings where as tata sify and airtel are all over india and has a very large presencetata within a years time has set up complete network tat is not a case with reliance even after almost 3 yrswhihc shows reliance is not serious with its broadband and if reliance comes i would be happy bcos it only can bring the revolution :lol:
Group this is the inside information I have got :Reliance has launched "Reliance BroadNet" all over India. The have already crossed 4000 + connections last month.All the buildings would be covered by direct cable from switch or by ADSL modem.They are offering 1Mbps Speed alsoSo guys relax it would reach us shortly.

i can see their webwrld from my flat...its very close.i guess i'll just pop in and ask them sometime.......
Reliance "broadband" turns out to be all talk and no substance that it seemed like from the start :lol: . And forget about Reliance bringing in the revolution, they are already trailing behind many ISPs in developements 😉
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