Why common Indian citizen do not have direct access to the Indian (Stock) Markets

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While enjoying a lot of Wall Street Bets Memes, I sometimes wonder why Indians are denied the access to markets the way people in AMerica/Europe enjoy? There are no Robinhoods here( you can come up with upstox/fyers/zer0dha and stuff but the moment you go deep down you will find there are hidden shackles by indian regulators and it is not just the markets, everything like international transfers and remittances is very deeply locked down for your average, one might suggest it is to prevent money laundering, but the more I read the more I find that avenues for such is already open for big guys, things are locked down stringently only for you avg joe

An avg joe can acces the market only through indirect managed schemes like MF/SIP/ETFs, and brokerwares like Zer0dha they have their own fairshare of troubles and shady behaviours.

What are your thoughts?
I've felt it's different @Realme. The procedure is straightforward. My classmate and I have demat accounts since we turned 18. And we're students now with only a stipend, so are still avg joe 🙂

I've only used demat services of geojit, and do not have anything negative to say about them. Zerodhara has problems as they are a discount broker. (other forums). They will have to cut corners somewhere. One doesn't need them if one is an investor, instead of a trader. There are good online forums like v a l u e p i c k r that may help you with the details.

Mutual funds have many advantages and quite a few disadvantages as well. Too many to list out. They are popular because to paraphrase a famous investor... 'Investing is simple, but not easy. People are overcome by greed and fear.' Good MF's can help by keeping emotions out of it imho.

Lastly i welcome the regulations. Esp after reading the horror stories of frauds in India and people losing money.