Why didnt BSNL continue with Unlimited?

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Well I was thinking of Indian HAbit---free ka maal hai.....kyon chodein...maximum faayda uthaoAs a result everyone is trying to download max and max.....resultingin BSNL's network getting chokedIf we people bcome more sensible and download what we need and not unneceesary stuff then the indian ISPs might loosen the stringsHad BSNL's seen that even after offering ultd people arent downloading ruthlessly....perhaps they cud have continuedI am no BSNl or govt or ISP agent......this is what i think......holds good for certain extentImagine if we start getting unlimited elecric power at a fixed rental....we would all the time leave all ACs,tubes, fans etc running......i have seen my friends doing same in hostels,schools etc and when asked why ...they say"meri jeb se toh nahi jaa raha na"And then they blame Govt when there's a powercut due to high demandIf we are to get really good , then we must be sensible consumers too
hmm....point to be noted my lord!!! 😛
boy, the mad frenzy to download primarily was due to the limited time (Till june 30) offer of unlimited usage. Hence most of us were under tremendous pressure to download our favourite and other seemingly usefull stuff which may or may not be used in the future. But believe me a vast majority of us would not have burned the mid night oil if the unlimited usage was here to stay. Because such mass downloading does cause problem of storage and inventory, which is quite inconvenient than downloading as and when required.As far as electricity is concerned, it does not require any space to store, but the data that would come down your cable needs to be stored in some media, which is a limiting factor and may act as a inhibiting factor against the rampant misuse of the same.Finally, any thing new does have a period of appeal, after which it ceases to be more interesting any more. I am sure with BB also the same thing will happen, give unlimited usage, down the line may be six month or one year all the enthusiasm for downloading and BB would wane away and people would start looking for something new.
the point is that people would only NOT DOWNLOAD excessively when they would have the gurantee that they can download a lot when they would require to do that. when bsnl said that they would stop the unlimited plans they practically told the people suck us till u can coz after 6 months u wont be able to do that. it is really a bad marketing move.i know people abroad with 2-5 mbit lines. they do not keep on downloading all the time because they can. inspite of the fact that their are no limits! coz they know they do not have to. bandwidth is their and let it be there. we will use it when we need it. these are the guys becoz of whom services like p2p are so successful. these are the guys who leave theri torrents on after downloading. we cannot do that here in india coz we have the stupid limits and slow download and upload speeds.tell me this. how many of u left ur torrents on when u had the unlimited packages? i do atleast till the time the ratio is 1:1. what do u say?
are we missing a point here !!Boy you gave examples of electricity and compared it with bandwidththats .. what shall I say ..First BSNL or any service provider pays for the speed to the overlords at USA or wherever they get the data fromit is the connection which they pay forwhen they say they have gigaflop bandwidth it means they are connected to the oversees network on a gigaflop network speed.. like usually in our home networks we have 100 mbit or more recently 1000 mbit..so there is no question of bandwidth quotabut yeah if more and more people take dataone and all of them download at the same timethen dataone network gets congestedlike if I am on a 1000 mbit network I can easily afford to have 500 2 Mbit users downloading all the time with full potential ...So its not because of me or any other Indian leecher 😛 bsnl is getting poorer and is now putting limitsit is corporate policythey have to earn money .. somhow and that is the only thing ..if we are given a 24 hrs online connection we are supposed to downloadwhether we are downloading a broadband forum webpage or a P*** movie that shld not bother anyoneand your thinking that "Well I was thinking of Indian HAbit---free ka maal hai.....kyon chodein...maximum faayda uthao"give me a break man .. do u think we indians think this way onlyhow many opportunities do we ever get to have a free thingthose americanseven if they announce an offer of a free itune song or free ipod for every 1 millionth song downloaded they get crazy and start doing all the things to get that particular song .. even in this process creating a program for thatand you think we indians only crazy about free thingsI think Boygr8 you shld think more positive about Indiansafter all we invented ZERO 😀lol
well we are zeros when it comes to technology... 😛

I doubt if the d/l habit of ppl would stop even if BSNL announced new packs and permitted Unlimited d/l with a fine print clause that the tariff is subject to change with 7 days notice.This is because the fine print would be there even if it not written openly. The guys around would immediately get into action and start d/l like crazy that the unlimited option may close suddenly.I think the segemnt will get mature slowly and we shall get very decent schemes.Unlimited d/l is a desperation of that person who has not eaten for days. I dunno what were the same ppl doing till now when we got unlimited for a cost of 710 at a dial up speed which is a 1/4th of Dataone. Besides the 1/4th is only on paper and the spped would be a little lower than that and high disconnection is reported.COMMENTS INVITED ?
those americans
even if they announce an offer of a free itune song or free ipod for every 1 millionth song downloaded they get crazy and start doing all the things to get that particular song .. even in this process creating a program for that[/b]
trure bhai.

its not exactly indian HAbit.its common human nature
i've got an unlimited connection (slow nevertheless), and i'm downloading like crazy!!@Bsnlcmd: if you compare BB to food....well.....