Why Does Router Hang During Gh?

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Hi everyone, Since last few GH's I am facing this shitty problem of Router getting hung and data transfer is 13b/s, 0b/s, 134b/s etc. You cannot open the router, ping does not work etc. all lights are looking correct. No power fluctuations(or can they create such conditions even?). Normal 12-8 works fine but the moment you are on GH this problem happens. Many people on this forum have faced this. Do youall still face this problem? Router otherwise seems fine. We can't take this problem to MTNL and ask for change of router (GH nahi chal raha hai...dusra router do 🙂) What could be reason for this? Has anybody solved this problem? I have tried resetting the router as someone had suggest but I doubt that could help. One more thing when this hang happens, the phone line becomes very noisy. Shutdown the router everything is fine. Apps running during GH is primarily Azureus. Could hackers be an issue?Need solutions.
I don't think its hackers. Its just ventilation (for the router). Airflow from the top and below. I'm going to change my router soon anyways.
Funda is that no matter, what I cannot sustain beyond 4 days max. But sometimes it hangs in 1 day time like this time under the same conditions. the only app running is my Linux OS with no firewall and Azureus. I frequently see flooding on Azureus infact everyday I think they are playing some role in this condition. Do people having 1 week+ GH not use BT?? If they are do u use Azureus?....More thoughts.
hey my router doesnt last till more than tuesday evening(from the sat GH) :blink: and its consistent at that... :angry: I think the router's not robust enough to keep a single connection open for a long time....and i dont even use BT apps....plain ftp that's it and even that's mostly for small things....
tell me.. what kinda usernames and passwords you guys put in when you login to GH? is it alphabets? or no.. and how long..

even i think D-Link cannot handle one connection for more timen i put ramdon digit2456456985 etcnever count em stuff
i hav mentioned about this problem many days ago.My router becomes unstable after 2-3 days .Thinkin of gettin ut starcom router.Now suggest me a way to make the router dead so that i can get it exchanged :lol:
well i recently used them for 16 days straight all BT but was trying out utorrent this time round. also i had re-installed brand new copy of xp with sp2 and applied the tcpip patch.