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Hello ppl.I am using a MTNL broadband connection in Mumbai.I have two computers at home - laptop and desktop and i wish to install Wifi network.Currently my MTNL connection is installed on the laptopAccording to my understanding Wifi can be setup by connecting the ADSL router to the Wifi router. Then the Wifi router is connected to the PC with LAN cableI want to ask whether it is possible to setup a Wi-Fi network WITHOUT connecting either of the routers physically to the computer.Can i just connect the ADSL router to the Wifi router which will then broadcast my connection wirelessly to both computers.
I didnt get why u said tht after connecting ur WiFi rtr 2 d ADSL modem, u again connect it via LAN to d PC. The main concept is ur ADSL modem shud b connected 2 d WiFi rtr which will then talk 2 ur WiFi clients (Laptop, Desktop, etc), since its a WiFi rtr & not just a WiFi access point. I guess ur laptop already has a WiFi Port, 4 ur desktop u need 2 either purchase a WiFi card or mite b sum WiFi 2 USB convertor Port. Plz let me know if u have any further queries.
nice explanation baudhayan! rahuln, he is absolutely right. Once you connect both ADSL and Wifi routers together there is no need to physically connect the PC to either of the routers!
thanks for the reply guys.One more thing:I am a newbie in networking (you must be already knowing that by now 😉 ) so how can i configure my wifi network using Netgear router.I had connected the adsl and netgear routers together and tried configuring it but couldnt. Now when i tried to connect the routers again the WIFI light on the netgear router is not lighting up at all!!Any solutions?
how exactly are you "configuring". Give some parameters that you are setting up. Setting up a Wifi network is pretty easy:1. Setup the channel.2. Setup the SSID.3. Setup the mode as infrastructure.4. Setup WEP Key to some value.Configure both sides with the same info and you are on the go! 😀