Will Videocon d2h Work With Aver Media Tv Tuner For Recording Tv Shows

I want to buy Videocon d2h for viewing and recording it on my pc with tv tuner. My tv tuner is Avermedia super 009, here is the link of my tv tuner : AVerMedia AVerTV Global - TV Tuners, Live IPTV Streaming Encoder, Video Capture Card, Media Player and Multimedia Products - AVerTV Super 009
my doubt is that will Videocon d2h record tv shows on avermedia tv tuner . because many are saying that, some dth's will not show channels and gives a message like viewing is prohibited on tv tuner. so can anyone please give me the answer please. i want to record tv shows, so please give me the answer please.
thank you.
PC TV Tuner cards work with analog signals. Based on your link, your TV Tuner does the same.
Videocon's TV signals are digital, and I'm pretty sure they are encrypted. So you will need a videocon stb to translate the signal into video.
If you have an HD stb, your TV tuner wont work, because I dont see an option for an HDMI input. To record HD content, I think your best bet will be to get an HD PVR which will be able to record using HDMI inputs.
If you have an SD stb, you should be able to use the RCA output and feed it into your TV Tuner and record. However, keep in mind digital signals are being converted to analog, and from analog back to digital and later compressed using whatever codec you use. There will be a noticeable loss in quality, and the PQ will be quite mediocre.
Thank you very much for your suggestion. so, you are saying that my present tv tuner is best for recording videocon d2h videos as it has rca without any encryption.