WIN XPprofessional vs Home

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if u are satisfied with it. their is no reason. pro has better networking features from waht i know.
My hardware is too old to support XP......i dont even think of VISTA as of now......until i buy a new PC.Some say XP Home is too i havent installed SP2 also....
vista delayed till the end of 2006. and u would definitely need a new computer to run it properly.
well pro has the ability to join to a domainand group policies and encryption and security permisions for ntfs file systemswell most of the features u won't even needso stick to xp homeand yes upgrade to sp2 asap and install the post sp2 updates alsoone more thing ur computer will become more slow after installing sp2😛

Yeah So i wont be installing ccomp is already slow.A good firewall with a good AV shud sufficeAnd wat about speeds of XP home or Pro.....any diff???
xp home seems to be faster then the pro. The number of processes are less in home compared to pro versions. But advisable is a ntfs partition.