Wirelessly Accessing Storage Data from Hard disk connected to Jio ONT

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I have the white dual band Jio ONT. Got it during the preview offer in September-October 2018. I have connected a 2 TB hard drive (non-powered) to the USB of the ONT. How do I access the data stored on the drive, on other mobile devices?

I tried accessing via FTP server, but the connection does not remain stable. I'm using Solid Explorer (paid full version) on my phone. The drive can be accessed if I try to access it as a media server. But I'm trying to access it through LAN/SMB option.

Can anyone help?
can you please send a screen shot where can u find ftp server setting i am unable to find one
White one has the FTP option.
Very rare chance any white ONT user might help you here

Just an update. The DMS option has been disabled sometime in the recent past. It is no longer available. I can see it in the settings, but I can't activate it. Hardly ever used it anyways.
DMS is still turned on for me (can't turn it off). However now it is not possible to access a storage device connected to the ONT (which was possible earlier). Only possible via the Jio Home app.
I have the white ONT and there is the FTP option. However when I try to connect via FTP, it asks for username and password. When I enter the router login details over there it says incorrect details. Don't know what to enter over there.