Worst Commentators in Cricket today?

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I even saw Rajesh Chauhan in the commentary box today! How low can they go? Oh wait, I forgot that trash with dimpled chin who also comes on I believe Set Max...
didn't know that shekhar suman also tried his hand at commentary...missed that one hence wasn't considered in my vote.
my vote shekhar suman........jus using high fi dict words...hav no knowledge abt feild placing of cricket.........now i dont watch cricket...if its on max...they suxxx.....only espn-star and ten sports....deserves cric rights
sidhu is the all time greatest jerk...only he can understand his jokes and laugh at them....get sick if i hear to him...i dont know how a reputed channel like NDTV have hired tht dork as analyst.nxt wud be ramiz raza..was aweful during indopak series..never missed a chance to praise the pakistanis.
i hate ramiz raja !!! he just doesnt know how to be neutral in an indo-pak match. just listen to his comentry when india and pak are playin and u will come to knw wat im talkin abt !!

sidhu and manjrekar. They both suk.The worst of them all is arun lal.....once indian express carried one article showing his poor record as indian test opener.....and these people comment on indians being always complacent when they themselves were a part of it.
I'd go with Manjrekar...He's actually a bit cunning.. He'd blabber something and somehow manage out of it.. I can still vivdly remember how when Manjrekar and (my beloved) Tony Greig shared the box, one catch went down between 1st and 3rd slips and stupid Manjrekar drew a stick figure at 2nd slip position and told to Greig "That man would've caught it".. and Greig, the shrewd man that he is, deleted the stick figure's hands and said "Then, maybe not!"That was enough to shut Manjrekar .... :lol:
ravi shastri. He has a black tongue! (Kali Zabaan). Whenever he praises the team, something bad happens >_
Funny COnversation,Ravi Shastri: That was one fast delivery...it clocked 152 km/hr..what do u say ,navjot?Sidhu : oooooh! guruuuu! tezi goli mein nahi, chalane wale mein hoti hai (copyright© Dhoom)Ravi : Can u ever give a straight answer?Sidhu : aahaaahaahah! oh! bas kar yaar....(meanwhile he pounds the micorphone on the table.... it breaks into a bizillion pices)Sidu fights for ravi's micorphoneravi : what are u doing, paaji?sidhu : oooooohhhh!!!!! guru!!! chak de pathe nap de kily!ravi : what?sidhu : oooooohhhh!!!!! guru!!! chak de pathe nap de kily!ravi : huh?sidhu : oooooohhhh!!!!! guru!!! chak de pathe nap de kily!......This was real incident!