Worst customer service

Act fibernet
I have taken ACT fibernet connection on 18th May. When I called ACT sales person to enquire about the broadband plans, he responded the same day in evening to convince me to take this connection. He finally convinced and took the amount - 7498(connection - ACT Blaze) and told me that he will get it installed in next 6 days.
After that I did not get any call from him. I called customer care on 21st May to send somebody for installation and someone has turned up on 22nd may. They checked something and said there is no open box available so we will come tomorrow. After that I'm not getting any update and no one is responding to my complaints.
I called customer care hundred times and they raised a request (Request number -SR10240141107386)
But everytime when I call customer care to get updates on my request, I just get following types of vague replies from them.
1. We are working on your issue.
2. This request has been sent to the backend team. They will contact you soon.
3. Till now no actions have been taken on your request. I will add a follow up on this request.
4. One day they say that the issue will be resolved by end of day tomorrow and the very next day they say that we don't want to give you any false commitment. The issue will get some time to resolve.. may be another 2 weeks.

Its been more than a week now and I did not get any response on my connection.

I am highly disappointed by the kind of service being provided by ACT. Or rather I should say they are not providing any service after taking the payment. It seems like their work is only to take payment from customers, thats it. After that, its the customer's work to call and remind them that we have paid a big amount to them to avail a service and we are waiting for their response.
I hope by this blog, they will understand the concern and take some strict action for that.

Bharath Prasanna


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