Xbox One: Always watching?

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In a recently-published patent, the Kinect camera would monitor that users are dutifully watching TV programming or advertising all the way through, incentivising them for doing so with rewards like money-off coupons or online virtual goods.
Another patent would forbid the playback of certain content like movies when Kinect's camera identifies too many viewers in the room.
This is either good or bad for the media consumption. Good thing is that it would bring the blockbuster releases closer to the TV on the launch days.
Bad things... hmmm the new Kinect has the advanced facial recognition capabilities and it is set up to send data back to MS on a daily basis. This might not be a too much of concern but worrying factor is that the technology which restricts the access to entertainment based on recognizing your face.If we set this precedent then one can only imagine the future governments basically saying that "If you don't let us spy on you then you can't access entertainment". Prism could effectively change the entire dimensions of privacy concerns. What I think is that MS should come out straight & provide the assurance that Kinect will not continually watch or listen to users.
Otherwise if the alleged Prism Spy Program is effective then there's a fearful & frustrating prospect which allows US government to monitor people in their homes via the new Kinect camera.Apparently they won't but Prism surveillance revelations tell different story.
wtf ? xbox the new perv ?😛