Yes Bank has reduced benefits on their credit cards

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This is for YES Prosperity Edge Credit Card.


Probably should get everything shut down the way they are turning into SBI one step at a time.
is showing same for my exclusive card for now.
update: even for you they doubled amt n points too. I think round off is per 200 instead of prev statement amt total.
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lol i just noticed that they have just doubled the requirement to get points.
Dear Cardmember,

Please note that the number of rental transaction on your YES BANK Credit Card ending XXXX3710 is capped at 2 per 30 days period . Therefore, more than 2 rent payment transactions in the aforementioned period will not be processed.

Illustrative example:-

Considering opening window 15th September (date of first rent payment) and 25th September (date of second rent transfer); third successful rent transfer will be allowed on or after 15th October.

Rent Transaction Date of Transaction Transaction Status
1st 15th Sept Successful
2nd 25th Sept Successful
3rd 2nd Oct Unsuccessful
Eligible Date 15th Oct Successful

For any query or assistance, contact our YES TOUCH Customer Care on 1800 1200 or visit nearest YES BANK Branch. Alternatively, you may also email us at [email protected]

Thank you for banking with YES BANK.

Paytm and cred type apps let you send money to a bank account using credit card it seems.

and it seems like banks have no problems with it. hdfc has a page on it even.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for banking with YES BANK.

We wish to inform you the product features on your YES BANK Credit Card are being revised w.e.f. October 17, 2022 as follows:

S.NoProduct FeatureExisting
(Till Oct 16, 2022)
(w.e.f. Oct 17, 2022)
1Interest Rate (APR*)3.5% per month3.6% per month
2Reward Points (RP) on Retail Spends
(a)Introducing Accelerated RPs on Travel & Dining# Spends (Capped at 1,500 per month)NA8 RP every 200
(b)Spend Based milestone bonus15 Thousand RPs on spends of INR 6 Lac and above in each anniversary yearStands Withdrawn
3Preferential Foreign Currency Markup2.50%2.75%
To view the updated product features, click here

To view the MITC (Most Important Terms & Conditions), click here

For clarification or any assistance, kindly contact 24X7 YES TOUCH Customer Care at [email protected]

We hope that you will make the most of your card features and services, and look forward for your continued patronage.

YES for YOU!


Every week there is a mail with fresh downgrades. Sarkari bank indeed.
Sorry for the off topic, don't know where else to post. Can someone please tell me if yes bank services are down? Not able to use UPI nor the yes bank app. Thought my Upi pin is not correct so tried changing it but that also is not working.