YES! The X-Flies is airing after 20 years!

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Wow fox fx is airing the x files from 10 april.Today since 10 am to 1 pm they are airing the first 3 episodes of season 1!.It will air mon-fri 8pm!

I remember back in 1995 when it was first aired in INdia (aug 1 1995).I was watching the se1ep2 deap throat episode and i still vageuly remember thati watch it 18 years ago!
I was thinking of purchasing it via Amazon but looks like i will watch it on Tv.Also the ads are every 7-10 mins but only last 30-45 seconds.
AHh the nostalgia.
ps:i purchsed stargate sg1 complete series back in dec 12 and i remember that i watched it back in 199899
and mcgyver!.It was aired on star world back in 2004 at 1pm.I was on school at that time.Fox crime aired in in 2009 but only first 3 seasons.Must watch.

Those days star plus was the best tv channel.They ruined it now.
mcgyver was great.
and Hank Moody looks smashing!

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