Your chance to make your voice heard! What is your opinion on Broadband providers?

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Agent Smith
Load balanced, 100Mbit fake poop
Your opinion on the state of Broadband in India (short survey)

Did you have a bad experience? Or do you think your broadband provider has provided exemplary service? Do you notice that the same ISP seems to give dramatically different levels of service in different regions, due to competition or the lack of it?

If you have an opinion and you want it heard, take a look at this survey (linked above) by the PC World magazine ! The Indian edition of PC World will carry the results of it and your views, in the May edition. The magazine is sold across India to a large enough number of people, that the ISPs would like to rectify the faults found in their service. As a nice addition, you could win a Wipro 500VA UPS for taking part in the survey.

Do post any further comments in this thread. 🙂
kar diya fill up D:
Same here...Filled it up. Now just waiting for the results. You can see the results on the 1st of May 2008 on their website. 🙂

So the big guys are about to get even bigger after the results of this poll come out ?
would be an excellent ad for sure

..and they are even offering to crown one of them !!!