Youtube has restored 1080p videos on mobile in India

chalo finally
Just checked.

YouTube finally re-enables 1080p streaming in India, but only on WiFi

The YouTube app on Android and iOS now lets you switch to 1080p quality if you’re connected to a WiFi network. The change seems to have been enabled via a server-side switch and doesn’t require you to update the YouTube app.

To stream videos at 1080p on mobile data, you’ll need to connect your device to WiFi and then open a video on YouTube. You can then disconnect your device from the WiFi network and switch to 1080p quality as mentioned above. The video should stream at 1080p on mobile data without any issues. Do note that 1080p streaming, and the aforementioned workaround, don’t seem to work with mobile hotspots.

This might explain if its not working for some people.