Zero-rental landline phones and free broadband service may soon become a reality

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NEW DELHI: Zero-rental landline phones and free broadband service may soon become a reality, said Union telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran. When asked to specify a time frame, he told DNA: “I have two more years.” Maran said he would focus on broadband as aggressively as he did on voice telephony sometime ago through the “One India” tariff plan. Although Maran did not elaborate on what he meant by free broadband, it is believed that unlimited download of data would come for free, with perhaps a nominal monthly fee. The government has set a target of 9 million broadband connections by the end of this year, of which 7 million are expected from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. There are 2.3 million broadband customers in India.As for the target in telephony, Maran wants one-fifth of the subscriber base to be in rural areas by 2010. So, out of 500 million phone subscribers targeted by 2010, 100 million would be in rural India, he said. On the future of BSNL and MTNL in view of the dwindling number of landline phone users, he said: “Why should I pay a rental for a landline phone, when I'm already paying for my mobile? MTNL and BSNL will have to provide landline phones without any rentalSource:- DNA
i can wait two more years for this
i love mr.maran.. 😛he has all the great ideas, but no will to execute it within a timeframe..:wall:
it sure looks a great idea.......but yes, i doubt they will complete it in 2 years. lets just hope it goes as planned.
maybe he should first work on fulfilling the promise of making 2007 the year of broadband.
great idea?!! he promised 2mbps.. we all know how great idea it was/is with MB limit imposed.sameway zero rental plans are already there.. like for MTNL 999 plan gives 1000 calls free so its zero rental plan. if he brings zero rent plan and pay as u use plan then either 999 plan will not make sense or per call charge wud be higher. so not a great idea.and with free broadband i think he means..just like mobile operators give free GPRS pre-activated. broadband will be pre-activated on landlines. i.e. no 300Rs installation charges. big deal!

maybe mtnl would be providing 10 megs of free bandwidth at 2mbps. that is technically free broadband service.

free broadband* @ lightening 2 MBPS# speed!

*1 min free per month!
#64kbps upto 2MBPS!