0 validity in prepaid recharge?

Bikaner, IND & Sydney, AUS
Hey guys. I have a prepaid Airtel FTTH. So basically I do the 499+GST recharge monthly and it gives me 30 days (after I recharge). It is a prepaid right.

So if I recharge on 14/03/2021, I get 30 days and it EXPIRES on 14/04/2021. But I went away for 2 months so I never recharged after my march recharge. So today as I return, I recharged the standard 499+gst (589) via the app which should give 30 days. It successfully gave me a receipt and everything, but the validity is still showing 0 days, which means these guys are basically charging me for the time I did not recharge my prepaid in 2 months and technically they want 1767 (589 * 3)?

Is that true? Has anyone tried not recharging? I used to do this with BSNL/Jio, it worked just fine, airtel seems to not. What exactly is happening if anyone has an idea?

Your account still remains active irrespective of whether you use it or not and it goes into a negative balance that is recovered once you do the recharge. Either you place your account in a safe custody and pay the min charges else discontinue the services if you're away for an extended period of time.
Well previously excitel have the same system, u need to pay rs. 50 as reconnection fees to start recharge from present date. @champa.rando always call and confirm if u are recharging after a long gap, different companies have different policies.