100GB @20mbps for 499+GST - circle specific plan

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Srivilliputhur (TN)
Airtel - LTE/5G
Jio - 5G
More details are available here

BSNL is introducing approximately one new plan per quarter in TN. This is the latest FTTH plan in TN circle. Not sure if it is available on other circles, though.

This is the lowest plan for FTTH users in TN and is expected to be available only till the end of March 2020.
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Looks like its a pan India plan, it's displayed in BSNL Kerala website as well -- -CUSTOMER VALUE-

Appears decent for low usage customers.

What happens at the end of one year or the offer period?
BSNL eligible postpaid and broadband landline plan users get 12 months of Amazon Prime subscription worth Rs. 999/year at no additional cost. Post offer period, users will be renewed and charged at the prevailing price of Prime membership (as on www.amazon.in/prime) on their postpaid bills.


Yes and I am not sure whether they'd charge GST on top of that 🤷‍♂️, in which case the total would come to around 1180 Rs. I'm planning to cancel the BSNL Amazon Prime subscription towards the end of the subscription period.
That's a good question, I thought I saw a cancel option somewhere, but I was mistaken. In Amazon it just says the plan is activated through BSNL Postpaid.


I guess like usual would have to fight with BSNL on Twitter to get it cancelled. 😡