15 Mbps plan Hathway

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Ya, how many lakhs does it cost per month?
Can you send me a PDF or a link of the new tariff plans? I'm looking for a new ISP.
The existing Hathway broadband tariff plans are BS.
Guys dont go with Hathway its just a BS ISP once every Alternate day the connection stops working and they dont give a damn abt that.
Not to mention their worst Customer service
Whats the FUP on your plan?
and what is the speed after FUP?
and how much are they asking for?
If you have the new tariff plan sheet, would you please upload it, it seems a lot of us are interested in this.
Yeah, at first i also asked them, that there is no such tariff. But, they said plans have revised two days back, and hence i went for it.
To my surprise, i really got that speed. I think its only available in hyderabad now.
I think they did that to compete with Beam which gives 15 Mbps at 1111/- in hyderabad
FUP limit is 40 GB, post FUP 1 Mbps
Its working till now for me, but i doubt how long will it last !!
I pay 3500 for 3 months
I even called up Hathway customer care. They said there is no such plan. But as long as it works for me, iam good 🙂
Here is a contact number of hathway broad band guy,
Ashok Hathway - 8790991013
Call him up and ask for 15 Mbps plan in Hyderabad 😀
In Bangalore its available at Indiranagar. I am using Hathway broadband from an year and the service is too good at Basavanagudi area.