25 May Se Badal Rahe Hain Hum: Sony Television Channel in India

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Yes, true.Their so called funny series "Bhaskar Bharti" looks like a flop movie "Mr. Yaa Miss" (aftaab, ritesh, antara) few years ago.
Today is 25 May and what the hell they have changed is their Sony logo - they made it bigger and even bigger than that bloody BIG TV logo. I think 1 day in future will come, they will put their logo all over the screen and will put a small window in it to show the programmes. This is so irretating and bad practice.
Thats Sony MAX logo, i think he is talking abt SONY TV logo. I am not sure though as I havent seen TV today
Yes, i was actually talking about Sony TV logo (But -- even they have made MAX logo larger too).Why here companies are more focused on their F****** logo and not the quality of contents they serve us. Are we paying to see how beautiful they make their logo?
True. It really sucks. Lots of odd stuff on screen.[1] Channel Logo[2] BIG TV Logo[3] Channel's Promotional Ads (See DLF IPL written) - all channels started all such 'upcoming' crap to advertisement on other side of corner. Very pathetic.