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Hey guys

I have a tataindicom 256 kbps Unlimited Connection for about 4 months now. I never had a downtime, ever. But my Download Speed at maximum is 29 kbps. Is that normal? 🙁 It never goes higher than tht.

I'm paying 1600/- + taxes every month. I was wondering if there are better options for me.
As i'm in kerala, I have only BSNL, Asianet & Tata to choose from. I hear bsnl has an 256 unlimited plan for 900/-. Are there any hidden costs for this? Share your experiences.

P.S : What is contention ratio ? 🙄

Thank you.
if it is constant 29 then its ok but i prefer you move to bsnl 😀
bsnl has no hidden costs but on home ul 900 plus it has mcu charges at rs1/pulse that means the voice rental is zero if you make any voice calls then you will be charged at rs1/pulse visit www.bsnl.co.in for more details
they have two types of plans for 900. check it before planning for it. other wise u will loose some money
sorry to be offtopic,tata hasnt responded to reduction of tariff by bsnl.any insiders,any info if there will be slash in the pricing anytime soon?n1mrod9900,where in kerala r u frm? 🙂 Has asianet came with a 256unltd yet?
umm...i guess you should move to BSNL if cost is an issue. I mean at half the cost, you'll get almost the same speeds.

the voice rental is zero if you make any voice calls then you will be charged at rs1/pulse
Oh man! I make lot of calls, and to top if off my telephone connection is about to be disconnected 🙁
Lot of ppl expressed their concerns about bsnl connection. They are having lots of downtime. I can't have that. I guess i have to stick with Tata for now. Let's hope they come up with a reduction soon.

n1mrod9900,where in kerala r u frm?  Has asianet came with a 256unltd yet?
No leo, Still no 256 unlimited from Asianet. I'm @ Tvm. They describe Kerala as God's Own Country - More like God's forgotten Country.
freinds! I paid for 5 months and guess what ? I subscribed for 256 kbps connection and tata gave me not even a 50 kbps connection..And to add to it when I tried to register a complain with the tata people to get my problem sorted ..the customer care people sitting in hyderabad greeted me with verbal abuses..and the tata indicom broadband manager of kolkata disconnected the phone on my face..telling me that he is out of town...So remember if you land up in problem with some connection problems with tata indicom connection...Get ready for verbal abuses and some misbehaviours..in the site they say "Experience super- fast Internet from Tata Indicom Broadband. High – speed Tata Indicom Broadband is brought to you by VSNL – the people who introduced Internet in India. Avail of great offers on broadband installation charges, services and more. With a wide range of content from movies, music to business services, no matter what your Internet needs, Tata Indicom Broadband has value-for money tariff plans for you. " they must add this lines..You will also get some verbal abuses and misbehaviour as part of their customer service"Guess TATA is becoming a LEADING SERVICE PROVIDER!!!God help their customers
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