Airtel 256 kbps Unlimited

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Airtel 256 kbps Unlimited/YES!!! Airtel 256 kbps Unlimited 🙄 i dont know when they started the scheme....saw the tariff plan today& shifted to this plan. 😀 .Thought of letting u guys know.The minimum would be 999.(including rental) & taxes extra...
Originally posted by anirudhashish@Feb 22 2006, 11:06 PM
so.... so i think the topic be deleted . dis is a very old plan and has been discussed about in length!
gr888 that the guy has unlimited plan but should have read/browsed the forum b4 posting the topic!

ps: sori 4 rudeness!
no he isnt late , its just that he posted this like a yr ago but in a parallel universe , so it took time to come here 😛
thats a good one anirudh! Something which describes the Indian broadband scenario perfectly! 😀

Originally posted by max@Feb 23 2006, 06:32 PM
Something which describes the Indian broadband scenario perfectly! 😀
Is our broadband really so bad??? :huh:
its even worse. My post hasn't yet appeared and i posted _before_ him 🙂
did it reach the modem,might have be stuk @ the modem may be a power outage or some thing .This decribes the indian power sector.I woder how isp's keep there stuff runnig in places where ther are constan blak out's. i do know about power bak up's but still how much.