3 new channels added on Tata Sky DTH

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New Delhi
Tata Sky added 3 new channels... BBC Entertainment (not sure wht this is abt) Cbeebies (Pre school channel for children under 6) Aakash Bangla
nice usable exciting channels... what's next lessons to learn for unborn babies?
They haven't added a single useful channels as yet.... Both BBC Entertainment and Cbeebies (which too is of bbc) r of 12 hrs duration... bbc entertainment start from 6pm to 6am and the other one 6am to 6pm... BBC Entertainment seems like a nice channel...
BBCentertainment is not so bad, it'll be a good change as they show Brit sitcoms and their brand of humour is considerably different than that found in US sitcoms. Looks like Sushubh is determined to hate Tata Sky till they add the Penthouse channel or something! 🙄And if I had kids (which I thankfully don't) I'd have welcomed the BBC kiddie channel too.
yeh to chamatkaar hai baba :rofl:first they remove zee channels [which i miss] n now add dis crap :wall:
Looks like Sushubh is determined to hate Tata Sky

I am going to hate them and Zee DTH and CAS and my cable guy till the time I get the option to choose the channels I want and pay for them.

Well BBC Entertainment is brilliant. Extras is a show which is on it and I think that show is brilliant! They should make it a 24 hour channel though.Also... they need to add BBC Sports... Sky sports... more channels!
BBC Entertainment is BBC's international entertainment channel which was called BBC Prime in some places before.
Check BBC Entertainment - choose your country

The channels only recently got approval from I&B ministry so I guess this is still in the testing phase before they go 24 hours.
Tata Sky seems to be the first in the country to get the channels 😀

I read CBeebies is going to be in Hindi feed too.

But their packages page on the website has still not been updated - doesnt have LSTV or the 3 new channels.
Yeah. What other channels are currently waiting approval from I&B Minister?