4TB Internal HDD for desktop

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I am getting updated....
Airtel FTTH
Should look for any specific model? Have heard a lot about shingled drives. Not sure which one to go for

This won't be my primary HDD as I am running my OS on a SSD.
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Get Hitachi, WD or Toshiba if possible. With Seagate it’s a lottery, some models have high failure rates.

this has the stats:
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Try finding a hard disk without something called SMR. SMR might not be an issue if your primary reason is long term storage.

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I got a Toshiba 4TB A/V drive primarily to store TV-Series and movies earlier this month.
Model is HDWT740 - 5400 rpm. Here is the spec sheet. It's a SMR Drive

Got it off a local store at 7500/- (including GST). Comes in with a 3 year warranty.

I maintain it as a backup drive. All the stuff on that new drive is backed up on external HDD's
as multiple copies.
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Yea my currently failing HDD is from Seagate. It is old but has only 172days of On time. Kudos to HD Sentinel which predicted the HDD failure before anything else picked it up.
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For an average who doesn't really have a lot of HDD in the first place these things won't really matter, I have 2xWD RED 4TB, since 2018. Still working just fine.
I opt for red because I already had 2 drive bays occupied with hard drives and they were quite close like a nas bay.

Whole rig:
4TB Seagate (had to replace once, within warranty)
2TB Seagate (pretty much a few months, has not broken yet, hopefully)
1TB WD Blue 7200RPM (as a game drive)
512+512GB SSD RAID OS Drive.

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Slight OT. But where to get the hard drives from. Online market seems too limited. Most variants of WD or Seagate are not available on Amazon, primeagbg, and others.
Are offline store still the mainstream way to procure these?
Specially looking for 2.5 inch 7200 rpm drives. 1TB+ size. Most sites give up on 7200rpm
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I believe Amazon has 7200rpm drives (although officially 7200rpm has a limit of 2TB), if you properly know the current retail price then its good else local retailers sell at a hefty margin. I got most of these from my trusted offline vendor, so.
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Yes Amazon does have 7200rpm drive but when you combine it with 2.5 inch and 1TB+ storage the options are very limited. Or the sellers are shady. Most likely I will try costtocost at nehru place.
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