9% of worldwide mobile Internet users are from India

that's fine...but what do we contact u for??? 😕
I don't buy it - gprs/edge costs are waaay to much to believe that figure..... and I am not contacting you.
heh. the figures sound too fishy to me. japan and some european countries would eat up 95% of all the mobile internet users.
I am not so sure about these numbers...Based on news items, most of handsets sold in India cost less then 4k. I doubt they can support GPRS.

Yes, it does not represent volume of page views. It only represents number of users. But what is that vested interest that bango is going to gain if they say India has more number of mobile Internet users?Note here that Bango website clearly says that it is not a worldwide survey. It is just a survey among users of Bango's platform.Bango if it operates in 20 countries and if 9% of users in that 20 countries are from India, .....This is misleading.But why did a newspaper like Hindu carry such a misleading article.Anyone help. Can anyone buying Hindu tell me whether this article appeared in print edition also?
Well it appeared in the Telegraph also..and as we know, both are highly reputable newspapers -

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Business

As a person with experience of market research, I can tell you that a lot (thankfully not all) research that gets published, is done with a reason. If it is commissioned by a party with a vested interest in the business, then there is surely a reason. Ever wondered about how many surveys tell you caffeine is actually damn good for health? Does anyone else smell 'coffee growers' in that type of research?

Oh to answer your question - Bango would surely get new business queries if such a survey is published
I know of people in the PR industry whose livelihood is getting paid by restaurants to write seemingly independent and unbiased reviews on them. You just can't believe the bulls**t the media feeds us these days.
umm. most news sites syndicate news items from a lot of sources. most of these news sources are not very high quality... looks more like a press release which is not really news...
Thats fine for things like google news. But news papers are supposed to have "Human" editors to verify facts.
I personally have never accessed the Internet from a mobile phone, even though I have a GPRS enabled phone. I don't think these figures are right.
i think the survey really doesn't say much as it just tells the % of Indians that have ever used gprs on their cell .. not the frequency.. or data download....
and they might have reached that figure by including people who tried services like r-world only once in their life(considering reliance have a large user base and even their cheapest mobiles have r-world)

(and hindu ppl should seriously think about upgrading their website🙂