Mobile Internet Solution for All-India - Help please

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Hi All,I am new to this forum, hope I put this thread in the right section. I live in Canada, but will be doing some extensive travelling all over India in early 2009 for about 6 months. I cant wait! 😀I was hoping to get some suggestions on what my options are for mobile internet (on laptop) and cellphone services in India during my trip.I will be bringing a mini-laptop, the MSI Wind as well as a quad-band cellphone, both have bluetooth (I can get a new cell if necessary).My main goals were:1. Mobile Internet for basic surfing, email and skype on the Laptop only2. Cellular service for SMS and calls to CanadaNice to have:1. 3G or highspeed internet for downloading multimediaI will be willing to do pre or post paid service if I am able. I also dont mind having just the mobile internet service (say with a USB modem rather than cellphone connection)Can anyone tell me whether coverage like this will be feasible in places all over India? What are the costs per month for this sort of service (unlimited)?I imagine that service in the centers such as Mumbai and Delhi wont be an issue. What about in more remote places such as beaches in Goa/Kerala or in Manali?Thanks in advance for all your help, I love India and cant wait to travel there again!Phil