Accessing streaming services like Prime video, Disney+ and Netflix with VPN

Airtel Xtreme (LCO)
V! (cellular)
BSNL (cellular)
I frequently use cloudflare warp+ because I face problems with my ISP i.e. BSNL ftth. When I tried to open Hotstar i.e. Disney+hotstar, I got an error "You seem to be using a VPN or proxy. Please disable any of these services and try again [PB-4750]"
Is it possible to use streaming services (Prime video, netflix and hotstar) while using VPN.
@Navjot Singh might be able to recommend vpns that still have some servers that let you access streaming services.
Instead of using VPNs, use Smart DNS providers like smartdnsproxy. It works charmingly well and doesn't slow down anything. If interested, I could share my referral link 😛

those are unlikely to help with isp routing problems right? those are more aimed at accessing region locked content.
NetFlix works with ExpressVPN.

Prime I’m not sure, but I doubt it. Hotstar probably doesn’t work with VPNs. Hulu works with a ExpressVPN as well.

Most VPNs don’t support NetFlix.