ACT Broadband Big Fraud and Cheaters

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ACT Broadband
This is regarding ACT Fibernet Account No 102400454691.
I was told by act broadband customer service to make the payment for my connection.
As soon as I made the payment no one is answering my calls including the sales team.
I sent several emails and got no response.
I had complained on Consumer app of government. The government has done nothing. It is in pending status.
I needed the Internet to work from home during this lockdown. I paid the amount from my savings which I had kept for my food. Now I have lost my job because I can't work without internet.
What is my fault? How can someone cheat so openly.
I feel the government is the biggest fraud. They take my tax from my salary. Then when such companies cheat they do nothing. Shame on Indian government to watch all this and do nothing.
I am going to the media next and show everyone how disgusting the system is.


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tweet ACT about this. They generally reply and act pretty fast.
I tweeted them. No reply at all. They are fraudsters and they think they can do such fraud and get away. I will keep spreading this all over the social media so that innocent people don't get cheated again by such dirty crooks.
im using act from four months i have no issues with them... i used to have a billing issue but it got resolved within three days after i contacted customer care .. im from vizag and i think act is a decent isp in vizag most of them dont have any issues ...
Look at the Twitter link above and the attached documents. I don't know about Vizag but most customers are complaining about cheating.

act is having acute staff shortage due to lockdown and techies are also not being allowed work. i had lot of flexi byte in my account more than 1000gb and it went to 0 after their software update, registered multiple complaint but no one soled it yet been over a week, speeds also went too low multiple times this month !

but this is just one issue i faced with them in my 2.5 years with them, i still recommend them anyday..

keep trying to call their customer care other option for u right now !
I did my research on this as well. When there is a junction box near your house and if there are less than 8 connections then you are lucky. They will give you a quick connection. But if there are more than 8 connections per junction box, they take your money and ignore your calls for months. This they do so that some more new customer may apply. If no new customers are found, they refund your money after 2 or 3 months. In places like Vizag there are not many customers per junction box so they give a connection quickly. In Bangalore this kind of fraud of taking customers money and not refunding the money is very common. Also just because you are getting the service don't say it is good for everyone. Just look at the complaints of customers on Twitter and the fraudulent activities carried out by the company. Read the problems of customers in general. This is not your personal opinions, it's everyone's opinions that's important.
I did not have the wisdom like you. Probably you will be doing research on agriculture before you buy vegetables. Many of the favorable quotes about ACT is written by their own employees. What would you expect from such a fraud company. Please people check the reviews before you deal with these cheats.