AdGuard Home vs Pi-hole

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I am trying to evaluate AdGuard home as replacement for pi-hole. Have few queries
1) Does AdGuard block https ads? Pi-hole does not have this capability, need to install additional software line pixelserv-tls.
2) Does AdGuard support a recursive DNS server like unbound?
3) Custom page for the blocked websites?

Any other advantages over Pi-Hole.

1. AdGuard Home doesn't have http/https adblocking. it is a simple dns based adblocker. https adblocking would require tls inspection so you'll need to install certs on all devices which is a PITA.
2. Yes but you'll have to setup unbound separately and use that as upstream in the settings.
3. Custom page for https isn't possible without installing SSL Certificates on the applications. Regardless AdGuard Home doesn't support it..

I personally use AdGuard Home over pihole because

1. It is a single binary file that you can execute very easily
2. Multiple upstreams can be used in parallel querying mode for potentially faster response
3. DoH, DoT,DoQ upstreams are supported natively without needed. you can just type it in upstreams and itll work
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Thanks for the reply. Currently i am running pixelserv tls for blocking https. Even if you do not install certs on each device, you will get a browser warning page or an error page which more or less does the job. Also generating self signed cert is pretty straightforward and pixle serv has a URL from which you can download and install.

Do you have any idea if pixelserv works with AdGuard? pixelserv uses port 80 and 443 .In pihole we can remap these ports so that pixelserv works.
yes it will work with AdGuard, AdGuard by default works on port 3000 (+DNS on port 53) but you can easily change it during setup.
Anyone looking for a review:
I did not see much of a difference with respect to ad-blocking capabilities. Both are similar.

Pros of using Adguard:
  1. Adguard is more user friendly. Has predefined blockers already added. If you need more you can add manually
  2. Block services like YouTube/Instagram/Whatsapp etc out of the box.
  3. Secure DNS, only if you are using upstream DNS service. If you run your own recursive DNS service, doesn't make much difference.
  4. Parallel DNS queries. Again helpful only if your DNS service is patchy. Perfomace wise did not see any improvements over Pi-Hole.
Pros of using Pi-Hole
  1. Detailed statistics and finer control
  2. Can block https ads when pixelserv-tls is configured. Tired pixelserv with Adguard, but could not get it working. Needs more investigation
  3. Support of huge blocklist. Had around 8lac domains on block list, worked flawless. Somehow Adguard did not handle well when i started adding more domains. Still experimenting
Right now sticking with Adguard due to straight forward service blocking capabilities, unlike Pi-Hole.

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if uh have docker u can try running this container

You could try the beta/edge builds of AdGuard Home, see if u have better experience with that. But yes I do agree PiHole stats are way better.


you need to set ur pi ip as custom ip under Settings>DNS Settings in AdGuard Home