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Downloaded it, dont ask why, as such no major use as Microsoft's Reader seems sufficient for whatever even this one is able to 😕

Download Adobe Reader for Windows 8

The most loved PDF reader application of Windows users is now available in all new crisp and metro platform. The all new Adobe Reader app for Windows 8 is available to download from the Windows Store. The built-in Windows 8 Reader is a good PDF reader, but this one is something more than it!

Adobe Reader integrates nicely with Internet Explorer 10, so that you can directly open a PDF file while browsing the Internet along with. If you are using this app on a touch-enabled device, then there is one more plus point for you! This app supports all the major touch gestures.

The app makes navigation of files easy. You just need to pinch into your document or simply scroll out of the document to view the Thumbnail view, under Thumbnail view, you can quickly choose the page that you want to view on your screen.

There is also another PDF reader app called PDF Reader For Windows 8 that you may want to check out.
I could not print the PDF when I opened it with Adobe's reader (could not find the print option). So, it is back to MS Reader.

had some pdfs that chrome is not opening. decided to install adobe reader. big mistake.
it did not show any screen to me!

this is the installer.
This has been like this for years. They started this shift with flash player.
pdfium and pdf.js both are good enough now (except really complex dynamic XFAs but I bet you'll never see one, unless you work at Adobe I guess), there's no reason to use Adobe's bloatware now.

Edit: If you're filling dynamic XFA Forms, you should fill using Adobe's and on Windows for various reasons.
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