Airtel 2007 Gift

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Hi I am very disappoint for Airtel Broadband provider. All the other provider like bsnl, mtnl give provide some more speed on their existing plan but airtel dosn't give anything. nothing difference 2006 - 2007 for airtel users. 🙁
All other ISPs????? Only BSNL/MTNL has given something new. Everyone else (Sify, Tata, Reliance etc.) still have the same plans AFAIK. So let's not single out Airtel, and also be patient - maybe Airtel will come up with something new. There are plenty of rumours, and they should be on the verge of releasing IPTV, so we might see new plans within the next couple of months (maybe).Oh, and this thread is superfluous and useless. There are plenty of threads you can express your disappointment. Pls. delete.
Yeah. What a useless thread. I cactually thought Airtel finally released their new plans. Misleading title.
yeah, lol.And I wouldn't call BSNL and MTNL gifts either. They only have night unlimited in some parts of the country, and I hate the feeling of having to constantly monitor my download during day time (the high speed would take over me and I'd be streaming youtube all day).
Reliance has actually introduced 2 mbps and 4 mbps plans. Although they come with ridiculous capped downloads. The call center isnt yet aware of the new plans and neither is it updated on the website, so it is useless calling them. I will try to get some more info and see if there is any night unlimited option.
Misleading title.... Mods.. jail the thread.... :angry:

i second Amuthan comments, or atleast edit the topic to how much airtel sucks this new year 😛
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