Airtel Fiber in Pune

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Yamuna Nagar
Airtel Fiber
A friend of mine recently moved to Pune and is finding it hard to get an Internet connection. According to them, the city is riddled with LCOs and small ISPs who have area divided amongst them. The availability of connection varies from building to building. Level of absurdness that I got know is that, in this case, the area is Bhau Patil Road in Bopodi, Building is Shantaniketan CHS. The building in front of it has Airtel and Jio but in this building neither provides service, only some local LCO/ISPs do who charge 600 for a basic 1Mbps connection. Please let it be known how one can get proper high speed Fiber connection installed, preferably Airtel. If it's wrong section then Mods please move the thread to appropriate section.
Same issues in Bangalore. In my building, only ACT was there. In another building just on the other side of street, only spectra. In another building that was 100m away, only airtel ADSL. Every building had a monopoly, the RWA President/secretary denies permission to other ISPs. He may even be getting commission from these ISPs. In some areas in Bangalore, only crap local ISPs are available which are worse than mobile data purely because of mafia. Things are much better here in my HomeTown, a small city. All are available in my street through ftth: Jio, airtel, bsnl, excitel, local one.