Airtel GPRS: Questions, Problems and Solutions

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i do not get this package through the GPRS menu at my place here in Gurgaon.

Even i don't get 251 option , i do easy recharge.
Why don’t you go for 251 recharge ( 2g data pack) ?? Is 251 recharge only for AP circle ??
It has 90 days validity , 8gb data......i save 49 rs.

HAWW! I have recharged my number already 🙁
Oh! next time call customer care and ask once whether 251 recharge is available for your circle or not , earlier it was 250 recharge , few months back they have increased it by 1 rupee, don't know why....I mainly use gprs packs ( airtel & vodafone) but from last 3 months airtel is giving 3g speeds on 2g data recharges in ap starting from 5 rs to 251 recharge, i get 4-6mbps ...whether you activate 3g or not you will get these speeds...Spent around 1004rs ( 251 x 4 times) for 32 GB till now. I don't download much.
Any idea about speed of unlimited(Rs. 474) plan.

Just called customer care and enquired about 474 plan, they said no such plan exists for airtel andhra pradesh prepaid users, they said max plan available for 2g data is 251 recharge which gives 8gb , val 90 days. They even said 474 is not available for post-paid users also.
So no idea about SPEED of 474 recharge.
If i'm not wrong airtel has removed unlimited gprs packs for AP users in the year 2008, there was one plan called : rs15 unlimited valid for 24 hours which they have withdrawn.
After that they had some stupid gprs plan for a year like 25MB for rs 10 ( val midnight) and 1GB for 397 rs ( val 30 days). Now it's cheap though......
I also agree that docomo tariff is very very cheap. But they are making money by activating unwanted services. They will never refund money. Before porting to docomo, check comments in docomo threads in this website( ) TATADOCOMO is posting scripted replay to every complaint. But never refunded money.

Oh thanks for updating me on that... will surely check it out and re-consider porting to docomo then...

airtel looting people..i had 98 rs plan activated and had some 153 mb left in gprs account. as usual i checked my gprs balance and then surfed on phone..but after some time net disconnected and it showed 0 balance... even the main balance of 194 rs was deducted.called cc they said it has been used... they just dont listen.i am absolutely sure about my usages. have been using airtel gprs since is launch 10 yr i know how much data i use.few days before they even deducted some 50 rs for clicking on hungama service.. which i didnt cklick at all.please help me what to do to these looters.if mnp is the only option then please suggest a good operator that doesnt charge roaming between mumbai and maharashtra?
Man its same as with all service providers.Even BSNL has started looting. They just quadrupled the rates! and sometimes balance cuts even after having MB available in pack.
this is nothing...i use rs 198 plan for 3GB. today they stopped my service and when i called they said that to use full 3gb u need a credit limit of 45000. means if i want to use beyond i gb then i need to deposit some rs 11200 with them.
They said my 3G connection would be activated automatically within 4 hours but I tried twice in the last 24 hours and nothing happened. And after that I have to select a package. Such a pain in the ***
I am using Airtel GPRS to browse internet on my PC with the help of Sony ericsson T230 and DCU-11 data cable at the speed of 9.6 kbps. This speed is very slow and I want to enhance it. Can someone suggest whether it can be enhanced? If yes, how?
Airtel 2G/GPRS/Edge down in Kolkata. In North Kolkata, it's definitely down. Can anybody confirm about other areas?
I am right now in thanjavur aka tanjore, TamilNadu. Airtel 3G is giving me unbelievable speed of between 6 and 7 Mbps hardly get speeds of 3 Mbps in bangalore. May be less number of 3G users in tanjore is the reason?