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in my nearby locality airtel xtreme fiber is available it is 150 max distance from my house will airtel provide me the connection ?
i said to the guy come and check if it feasible or not , also can i make initail payment through their gateway or any alternate modes except cash, as i am directly contacting the dealers whole no is written on the poles of my nearby locality
initial payment is done through a link on an sms from airtel when the guy visits your house and applies for a connection after feasibility check and kyc. cash payment could be required as installation or wiring charges in some places.
@abhishek.t are poles in the society a property of local cable guy , and jio is using electricity poles can airtel use these electricity poles, is there any fear of connection cut
No payment to Airtel is done in cash. If the operator asks for it, do not pay and contact Airtel CC.
@imdarkray bro help me whether they will provide or not i just googled the distance where their stickers are there its showing 150-160m from there
@pranav sharma The feasibility can only be checked by the Airtel booking guy and operator. Actually, it's on the operator's mood if he wants to install the connection or not if the distance is more than 100m. Usually, Airtel asks the local operator to provide service till 100-125m, and in some cases operator extends and provides connection till 200m. I will say call the booking guy. He will visit your place and let you know whether the connection is possible or not. If he denies, ask him to talk to the operator and check if he can do an exception. If he agrees, only then the booking guy will do the booking with your details and ask you to do the payment at the same time.

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@igloo bro any comments i just checked its 120 m from their pole from google considering extra it will be max 150m ,but he has to cover along the park i have some more cables are going this way
literall fed up from lovely services fear is that they do not cut the cable, wtf is this situation cutting others cable
In delhi airtel give direct connection , no lco involved. call the no on sticker and ask if connection is feasible.
lovely usually doesn't cut airtel cable due to some incident of past. I am not sure though.
why not considering jio?
also excitel fiber or ethernet?
@igloo I don't want to pay extra to lovely and shit excitel they won't give the refund looking at thir model jio same charging extra amd i want 50 mbps jio not having it