Airtel new plans SUCK with a capital S

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Airtel 8 Mbps 'Unlimited'
If someone has already posted about this - I apologize, I searched but didn't see any such threads.

It seems Airtel has got some 'new' plans. They have now somewhat abandoned the home128 and home999 plus plans, i.e. they have made unlimited 128kbps and 256kbps plans such that you have to have a phone plan to top them up with. (boooooooo!).

So for 256kbps unlimited there are two plans:

[*]Unlimited 1249: essentially the same as 999plus, but you have to get 'free' 300 minutes for your landline whether you want them or not, and the monthly cost is Rs. 1249.
[*]Home 999: same as before except for a big difference - you have to get a landline plan (Minimum Rs. 275 😡 )to avail of this package.
[/list]And of course, there are no unlimited packages greater than 256kbps. 😗

Hereare their new plans.
But those on *existing* unlimited plans do *not* require this phone thing do they ?
I don't suppose so... AFAIK they can't switch your plan unless you ask them to. A friend of mine had switched from home128 plus to a limited plan for a few months (didn't need the internet as much) and now they said they can't shift back to that plan.
Wow more paid talk time !! this is the broadband revolution I wasnt hoping for. Probably a brainstorming session by their shit management lead to this. I mean common is this what the f***ers could come up with after BSNL's equally amazing 1 GB limit. We are in the 6th month of the year the gov is backing as the year of Broadband. I have seen nothing but one crap plan after another
^yep, the sad thing is that internet usage hasn't yet become mainstream mainstream.. otherwise we would see a different scenario.

rofl.. airtel is on a downward spiral to hell.. ever since their amazing ul plan a year back.. they haven't really done anything!! tbh.. tata indicom's plans now look much better than airtel..if they only get the quality of airtel..
airtel has abolished old plans - no new member or old member cann't opt or migrate to old plans, but who r already subscribed, they won't be changed...i usually never had a prob with TATA - except for some billing problem.. otherwise service to me was pretty gud..
I subscribed to Home 999 Plus plan on 25 May and the agent was telling that plan is going to be dropped soon. So far the speed is good - going around 30 during day and 50 at night time. My previous experiences with Sify and Reliance were painful.
wtf?!?!? 😡 I am pretty sure I named this thread something like 'Airtel new plans - sucky' and not 'are disappointing.' C'mon!!! 'Sucky' isn't even a swear word..... Sushubh, I am calling PUCL
Well AFAIK the new plans proposed do promote the users of Airtel Broadband to make calls too. Well I am in the Limited Plan which offers me 512kbps with Night Unlimited. Now the old plan has been dropped and I wasn't even informed about this plan thingi. When I go to their customer care center in my city, the lady never bothered to explain me the plans and was busy collecting payments.. 😡 Now, I am sticking with Airtel for one reason... "They are the best among the worst!!!! :mad "And with their sucky plans... I don't know will Mittal make it in this market... I say if I were Mittal I'd have let the 14Gbps bandwidth jus like that as a spike and let the users enjoy for what they r paying... atleast for 2 hours.. I guess with our Beetel Routers we might clock up some 10 to 15Mbps at the max.. Guess.. I'm going off-topic to useless dreaming... 🙁 Anyhow new Airtel Subscribers (Lamers) Enjoy the new plan!!!! Pay extra... 😉