Airtel VoLTE not activating help needed

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Hii I took an airtel sim today but volte won't showing on my phones. I tried the sim on OnePlus 3t and samsung a10s but won't give volte anyone please help how to activate volte on airtel sim??
This is messy. If it doesn't start working automatically in a few days... Apply for a new Sim. And make sure you insert it on the newer phone which is likely supported by airtel for volte.
Well I can wait a few days I only took the sim to check the coverage and quality of airtel 4g and port my main number to airtel in future. Turns out airtel open network is a utter lie I only 2 get bar at my house where open network shows full coverage. 😡
Try on your roof. Their open network shows excellent in my area too. I figured it applies only outdoors and not inside my living room.

Far from the tower?
Checking speeds inside?
High density housing around your house, meaning high rises, or many houses closely clustered?
How many signal bars does it show when you check speeds?
Screenshots of the signal RSSI and SINR when you check the speeds....