Airtel Xstream Broadband Static IP now costs Rs. 199+GST (Rs. 235) per month

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My city (Nagpur) was LCO city before, but they have switch to Airtel Direct, a couple of months ago and transition phase is going on. 1G plans are supported but the website doesn't list them. (A guy from the NOC team said)
@albonycal i guess thats why you have a prepaid plan..
@nishantt6969 BY LCO i meant the local cable guy working for airtel who does all the local service support for me, he shared his personal number with me and said whenever I get assigned any service engineer I should call him, so most of the work is done by him, for example, this static IP thing was raised as a new connection requested, he asked me to share the happy code and close the ticket and then he asked me to write an email to 121 and then he called me once the IP was generated and texted me the details ... those kinds things ...

As for the speed, download is around 500ish and upload around 800ish but both are inconsistent ...
anyone has any clue why the buffer bloat has gone down from A+ to B. And any idea how to improve it ... ??
anything that i am doing wrong here ?

Here is the speed bump

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I am guessing the speed bump that we notice with static IP has more to do with the error that is showing on the buffer bloat than the actual speed itself. because how can a 200 Mbps connection that had A+ buffer bloat suddenly show more speed but significant buffer bloating ... I think the speed bump is just perceived rather than real ... can anyone confirm my hypothesis
@Sayantan i also started with the advance rental plan, but after 6 months i pay monthly and the invoice is generated like the post paid, i feel the real prepaid is like jio where your connection only works when you pay and is stopped if you don't pay, there is no charges if you don't plan to use it ... in airtel if we want to stop using it , we have to shift to safe custody .. so essentially its not true pre paid ..