Airtel Xstream Broadband Static IP now costs Rs. 199+GST (Rs. 235) per month

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@doineedto it's sort of a lottery and inconsistent, don't beat yourself up for it. No we did not do anything for it..
I also got it myself to experiment, luckily it's working most of the times, so will keep it for a bit..
Update: my request for static ip is sent. Right now i have started getting dynamic public ip , so they have kicked me out of cg-nat 😀 and i can already feel the smoothness in my browsing speed.

bufferbloat changed from B to A+

yet to receive static ip. Lets wait
Got static ip activated within 24 hours. Getting around 300 mbps on wifi. So far so good. Everything is butter smooth. I got delhi gateway

Please avoid forwarding your router's configuration page to WAN; this is a serious security hazard and will cost you in future if not right now.
If you really want to access your LAN; consider setting up a VPN tunnel.
You can also use server hosting vpn as a proxy. (obv you should only be using private ones)
Hi, I have a Sercomm AOT-4221SR router by airtel and it has been running well in bridge mode for a year now.
Recently I got the Static IP for it and I want to know, do I do anything on it, or just input the details in my Asus router ?