Airtel Xstream fiber expanding to Kottayam

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Good news for all Kottayam'ns as Airtel updated their site with Kottayam as available locality! Though I am not sure of which all PINCODE's i think while contacting customer care they mentioned first 100 kottayam pin's or more. Worth checking out because i used to be on V-fiber in Kochi and the network and speeds were top notch.
And as per review from a friend who uses Xstream fiber plan of 300Mbps they are serious with their SLA to give high availability and prompt support in case of fault.

If anyone have more information, please update.

@rtr00t it's not available mate, it's just inviting them to your city. They will bring the service to your city early, if there is demand.
@GRanger I did speak to customer support before lockdown and they said it is already rolled out in Town areas with other areas likely get more soon based on invitations. ~??~
That's what they gave me first 100 pincodes as 'install ready' locations.
Maybe they give priority to business's at the moment or apartment complexes since their cable might be laid only through main roads or such?
@GRanger well then lets get registered and invite them.

This makes me think when JioFiber was launched and they invited to register and still wait for a call from them. 🤣
I think they're just expanding to cities/localities with Jio available. Atleast in Thrissur I'm very certain that they have not done any expansion work but is still listed on their website as an "Invite" city. The wait will be a couple months before we can get a definite answer on the localities that will be getting the connectivity.
Does airtel is going for lco model or it's the direct connection. I have also seen the website and I think it's the invite option. I am also from kottyam, I didn't see any fiber laying works happening here .maybe it will be available in the heart of the city not to outskirts initially
@philip They will lay the cable, install FDB and provide home connections themselves. Airtel has never gone through LCO's unless it's a local ISP running on an Airtel backbone. From what I've seen in other cities, they mostly lay cables underground which takes way more time and cost.