Airtel Xstream Fiber Faizabad/Ayodhya Users

if I use put this ont in bridge mode and use my external router, will the pppoe connection issue be resolved?
Nope. If your area is having auto reset of pppoe the bridge mode will do nothing.

are you on lco model area ?
Yep. LCO. But last city was LCO only, pppoe lasted for 3 months.
You can contact your lco and tell him this issue. If he is technical enough then he will understand it. If not then contact airtel cc
Approximately same here in Chandigarh. Just that ping to is 5-7 ms and is 7-9 ms. Gateway ping is 2-3 ms(sometimes even 1 ms on ethernet)

US ping is average 250-270 ms (sometimes it goes to 300 ms).
London - 140-160 ms
Singapore- 68-80 ms
Mumbai - 30 ms
Delhi - 6-10 ms

Why my gateway pings fluctuates like hell? Will it make any impact on my internet experience.
Today PPPoe session didnt reset. Its been 25 hours since pppoe is active. I will update when it dies.
How much is the fluctuation?
For me it fluctuates between 1 ms to 4 ms on wifi. On ethernet it is 1 ms to 2 ms